steven q zhang


I take panoramas using a point and shoot and AutoStitch.


The height of my video directing career was when Jason Curtis (Olin '12) and I coordinated some of us studying away to make a video to submit to Olin's annual 30-second video competition. We won the competition.

Musical composition

I first got involved in music composition because I didn't want to write a report for orchestra class. Instead, I chose to compose a piece with the limited music theory knowledge I had. Since then, I've been composing on and off. Here are some orchestral pieces I composed in high school:

Spring. mp3, mp3 (live), pdf. Fall 2008, revised Spring 2009. String quartet.
Autumn. mp3, pdf. Fall 2008. Piano (crash cymbals optional).
Tango on the moon. mp3, pdf. Fall 2008. Alto sax, piano, string bass.
Counterpoint. mp3, pdf. Fall 2008. Horn and trombone duet.
Colors. mp3, pdf. Fall 2008. Flute solo.
Summer. mp3, pdf. Spring 2008. Full orchestra.
Romantic Overture. mp3, pdf. Spring 2007. Full orchestra.

Web Design

When I taught myself HTML/CSS, I practiced my skills by building two websites for two of my friends. One runs an ice cream truck service, and one is a very good amateur composer..


Here's a comic book I made... in 6th grade.